Jet Mission 5 : Dog Fight 25 Mins

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TGA l39 JP5 Form SaffPhotoShop2.jpg

Jet Mission 5 : Dog Fight 25 Mins

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Previously reserved for real world Fighter Pilots, this is the ultimate "bucket list" experience!!! Based on demand, we can arrange to have at least two jets available at selected Top Gun Australia locations for the most dynamic aerial adventure available... Jet Dog Fighting!! As with all our other flights, all passengers will have highly experienced military trained Air Combat Tactics instructors as their pilots in command, who are all true experts in "Air Combat Manoeuvring" (ACM). On this highly dynamic mission, you'll take off in close jet formation with each aircraft taking turns flying in the Lead and Wingman positions on the way to the "Play Area". Then, you'll experience one of the most exhilarating activities there is, the Fighter Jet Dog Fight!!! There will be several mock full "Dogfight" set ups where each aircraft will experience the sensation of having "the enemy" in the gun sights as you pull the trigger. Although almost impossible to put into words, you'll be amazed as our expert air combat instructor pilots make the jets dance in an air combat ballet with "fly bys" and closure rates of over 1500kph. Oh yeah, baby!


Average Duration: 25 MINUTES

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About Hobart International Airport

Hobart Intl. Airport is approximately 15 mins drive from Hobart CBD and the airport is well signposted. From Hobart, follow signs for the airport east over the Tasman Bridge. Follow the highway until you see signs for Hobart Airport and exit right from the roundabout. You will see a BP Petrol Station, Hobart Airport Hotel, and Subway Restaurant as soon as you exit. Follow Holyman Ave. through two more "roundabouts" until you see Hertz Rental Car Depot on the right and take that right on to Gatty St.

Dress Code

Comfortable but not loose clothing would be recommended, you will be donning your mission suit for the flight. Closed shoes are required; sandals, thongs (flip flops) and open tongue shoes are not suitable. For the adventurous ladies out there, skirts and dresses would not be suitable and the comfortable closed shoes are recommended.

Concession Information

No concessions are available.

Spectator Information

Spectators are allowed, however they will only be allowed in certain areas specified by the Top Gun staff and pilots.

Weather Information

The flights do require specific minimum weather criteria as per VFR aviation rules. The weather will be assessed on the day by your pilot regarding suitability. Please note that flights will not take place if weather is marginal or unsuitable. An example of unsuitable weather would be rain with a low cloud.

Other Information

Passengers must be in general good health for their age. Passengers must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and Top Gun reserves the right to refuse such passengers. Please note; as our aircraft operate from several different locations, we may have to relocate for your flight, this could result in a longer than stated lead time. Call or emai for availability of this flight. For more info on our T's and C's please click HERE.