"I feel the need.....the need for speed"

For the ultimate high, Top Gun Australia takes you to a new dimension, normally reserved for Top Guns - 'pushing the envelope' in real military fighter trainer aircraft.  

Experience breathtaking speeds and some serious 'Gs' as you see the world from the amazing perspective of a combat pilot, exploring the 'Combat Egg' and the edge of the envelope.

We'll get you in your 'Mission Bubble' with a military-style briefing and flying suit, before 'crewing-in' to your aircraft with your pilot.

You say whether you go for mild or wild, and can choose from aerobatics, simulated combat & dogfighting manoeuvres, ground attack profiles and SAM-dodging anti-missile tactics.  Or you can just go on CAP (Combat Air Patrol) and cruise around at high speed enjoying the ride and amazing view from your bubble canopy.

Our fleet of aircraft and different operating bases give you a choice of what type of fighter you experience - from the nostalgia of a World War II Harvard, to the more modern & very sleek L39 Albatross jet.


Your Pilot signing off